Gone Girl By: Gillian Flynn
 Who: Amy and Nick, a married couple who have ups and downs, due to moving from NYC to rural Missouri to take care of Nick's sick mother and father. I went back and forth and back again trying to decide if I liked Nick. I think the author does an amazing job twisting and turning his character, as if he's in a movie and the camera is zooming in and around him, giving you different views of his mind. One minute I wanted to be sitting next to him on the couch with a cup of coffee listening to him tell his side of the story and the next paragraph, his graphic descriptions of imagining his wife bleeding on the kitchen floor make me shudder. Amy is a hard character to love. She's whiny and resentful but at the same time, I understood her attitude towards living in rural Missouri. (hello!) Her role in this book changes so many times. She sheds characters like Lady Gaga on tour. There are, of course, more characters than Nick and Amy. There's Nick's twin sister, Margo. She's the lighthouse. She says things through out the book and I caught myself nodding when she talked. I wanted to be on her side, I wanted her to like me.
What: Nick comes home from his job on his fifth wedding anniversary to find his house robbed and his wife missing. The book moves quickly, weaving a complicated timeline of events leading up to her disappearance. Just when you think you have the story figured out: (Who took Amy? Where is she? Is she alive? Is Nick really a douche bag or do I have a crush on him?) You'll get slapped upside the head with a new detail. I want to wring Nick's neck. I hate him. And then I loved him. I wanted to yell at the stupid investigators on the case to lay off his back...then I would yell at Nick. "Stop being stupid, act like you care your wife is missing!" (Please note that I do not actually talk out loud or think "Nick" is going to talk back).

I read an interview with the author about her creation of the abandoned mall where drug dealers live. Her description stuck with me. I could hear the echo of the floor and the rustle of the dead leaves as people walk through the aisles. So it didn't surprise me that she said in the interview that she had that mall in her mind before she even wrote the story. She knew that place was just going to show up in one of her books.

 It's a love story with a love that neither character can handle which is why it gets so incredibly out of control. The one clue I will give you is one of the characters is bat shit crazy and it is really fun once you figure out which one it is.

When: Summer, 2011
Where: Rural Missouri (one of the things that spoke to me while I read the sample)
How: How the story is told is interesting. It shifts between diary entries from Amy, prior to her disappearance and Nick's point of view after she is gone. I love books written with more than one perspective. The author uses the two characters to weave not only different voices, she also explains the same exact scenes and events through both characters. It gives the story an onion skin-- layers after layers of details.

In short, I would say read Gone Girl. It's such a different book for me to be drawn to but I loved it more than any book I have read in quite a while.