A Letter to my 15 year old self

Dear Fifteen-Year-Old Jen

Hi There. 
You've got great hair. 
Couple things I want to talk to you about, just because in a perfect world 
you could have actually received a letter like this when you were just fifteen,
warning you of the mistakes you're about to make and 
enlightening you on your future.

Okay first things first.
You know that thing you are thinking about doing
because everyone else is doing it?
Do not do it.

Also, stop staring at your stomach in your mirror.
That, my dear, is not a fat roll.
It's called a curve. Embrace that shit, babe.

Listen, the next couple years are going to fly by.
Enjoy them. 
You'll meet a really nice boy soon,
so soak that up and bask in the sunshine that is young love.

You have amazing friends.
One sad thing I have to tell you is that after college, 
you won't be close with hardly any of them and
that will cause you great, great
sadness when you are older.
Make sure you try hard to stay in contact.

I don't want to make this too long,
because if I remember correctly, you have 
a very short attention span.
Which doesn't get better with age.
I wonder if oldnavy.com has any thing new....
See what just happened there?

Couple more things: Your life is not that important right now.
You just need to worry about a couple things:
a) keeping your self esteem up
b) discovering a career choice that won't rack up a lot of student loans
but will still make you a lot of money (good luck with that one)
c) trying not to make an ass of yourself.

In less than a year, you are going to be diagnosed with
a blood disease that will force you to give up drinking alcohol
for like, half a year.
You'll be fine.

Also, write more thank you cards.

All of your teens are nothing compared to the 
sure joy, completeness and accomplishment
you will feel when you meet a couple new little people
in 2007 & 2010. 
(after meeting a pretty awesome guy in 2004)
Those three people are going to make you feel 
more important and loved than all of the 
15 years behind you.

So just try and practice being a good-hearted person
so by the time you meet them all,
You'll be ready. 
Me, on the far right, somewhere around
fifteen years old
(see what I mean about the hair)