If I ruled world

  • If I ruled the world, Diet Pepsi would make my hair shine, my skin glow and my waistline thin. (I drink that stuff like I should be drinking water. If this rule went into effect, I would be golden.)
  • If I ruled the world, the words I said out of anger would evaporate into the air the second they left my lips. That way, I could still say them to get them off my chest, but no one would be hurt by them.
  • Reruns of Friends, Wonder Years and How I Met Your Mother would always be on. But IN ORDER, so I would always know where the relationships of the characters stood.
  • Every time something scary or frustrating happened, you’d get a fortune cookie delivered that would give you an inspiring and reassuring quote saying everything would be okay. (Let’s make that fortune cookie a fudge dipped Oreo.)
  • There is always someone to take your side, even if you are wrong.
  • There is always someone that breaks it to you gently that you are wrong.
  • Where my kids have a set volume of 3.5, and only get past that volume when one of them is seriously injured. Or lost.
  • Where if you ask someone if they are pregnant and they are not, you have to wear a huge “I’m an ass” sign around your neck for a day.
  • Husbands can see your mood swings coming from a mile away and plan accordingly. (Meaning they go for a long drive. With the kids. And come back with a 44. Oz Diet Pepsi and a white chocolate chip Hershey bar.)
  • Boys were born with the knowledge that taking a girl on a real date, opening her doors and liking a girl’s mother were always one way tickets to her heart.
  • Every girl would grow up with a self made esteem that chanted “You are awesome” inside her thoughts every morning when she woke up.
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