High Five for Friday


My Top Five Favorite Things Happening Now:  

  1. I almost have 1,000 views on my blog. I turned off my own views, so I know this is legit and it makes me do a happy dance! (it's so little, but yet, so big!) Also I'll have a sponsorship  up at The Daily Tay in September, which is  BOSS. Man I love her blog. Speaking of bloggers, my other fav blogger,  Life Of Bon retweeted me this morning. I know, I know, I a, such a dork but I just love those girls! 
  2. One of my dearest friends got engaged yesterday! Bring on the showers, bachelorette party and wedding Pins!
  3. R2 is practically potty trained. I think it was the Hello Kitty and Minnie Mouse "big gurrls" as she calls them. Once she had those, she never wanted to wear Pull Ups again!
  4. It's the freakin' weekend! PLUS a day off work on Monday.
  5. I drank a bottle of wine last night. and a couple margaritas-in-a-can. Kids were in bed, Big R was golfing and bam, there I was, readin' blogs and chuggin'. I couldn't help myself and it was so much fun. Is it okay to get tipsy by yourself? If not, then, ugh, just disregard numero 5, k?