Book Funk

Remember that one time I wanted to start a blog about the books I read and then got in a reading funk and couldn't get into a book?


Yeah so do I. 

My next book club meeting is a week from this Monday and this is the first time in 2 years that I haven't finished the book of the month. I feel like a loser. 

So, I have the book and I am going to hunker down and read it. This weekend. 

It's called the Kitchen House. 

But for some reason I just can't pick this book up and read it. Don't know why, it never did anything wrong to me. Poor little book.

Some book club picks are like Catch-22s. The whole reason to be in a book club is to read books you would not otherwise pick out...and then I don't want to read it because it's not something I would typically read...see the problem here? 

Ok and let's face it. You join a book club because you love to read and you want to talk about books but....
You know how that goes! 

My book club is amaze-balls. We laugh, we cry, we confess our deepest secrets...and and sometimes we even talk about the book of the month. 

I cherish them as if they were like, rare precious jewels. Or breast milk. 

Speaking off booby juice, I should also tell you that at least one member of our 5 person club has been preggers since we started in Dec. 2010. That's a lot of sex and babies. (one of them is a self-proclaimed Fifty Shades of Grey baby. Watch for a world wide boom around Christmas) 

So I guess the point of this post is just to say that I think this blog may end up being 70% books and the rest just stuff. 

Which is great with me! 

I do plan on writing a book club follow up post every month. I can't wait to tell you about all the things we talk about. Some of it is pretty insightful. And then we drink 2 gallons of Sangria and shit gets real.

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