She Gets Out Of The Funk

Today was not a typical day. I was off work due to working this weekend. So I took R2 to daycare and hit the road for retail therapy. I have to drive an hour (in any direction) just to find something other than a Wal-Mart, but when I am kid free, it's fine with me. 

If I have the Rs with me, that means that I sweat the entire time and spend more money on toys and drinks to keep them quiet than I do on myself...which is fine...but not really. 

Also, whenever I take them, I end up sweating profusely and breathing heavy in the check out line. I get a lot of my trips shopping with just me and the Rs are few and far between...the next one usually doesn't happen until I've somehow forgotten how awful the previous one was. 

So before I hit the road, I went to the library and immediately spotted this book. 

Tumbleweeds by Leila Meacham. 
Her first book, Roses is one of my all time favorites.
 I loved it so much that when I heard she was writing another, I just knew I would love it too. 

All I know is that it's about 3 friends in Texas who were all adopted, thus forming a friendship based on having that in common... 

I started reading it this afternoon waiting for my mom at a restaurant. Does anyone else love reading in a public place? I don't know why but I love it. Restaurants, lobbies, whatever...It makes me feel like an out of the closet bookworm...I am a huge dork who just wants people to think I am intellectually cool..which I am totally NOT. 

So anyway I didn't get very far but I know I will like it. It spans the characters' entire lifetime, which I always love. 

So on top of that book, I also picked up an audio book at the library. I can listen to less involved, more "chick lit-y" books on audio so I picked this one because it seems like a pretty easy listen. A 32 year old lawyer is working on the bad side of the law. Her job is to field claims about contaminated bottled water and defend the company that sold the water. She's not satisfied with her job or her marriage. So in typical chick lit fashion, she gets in her BMW and escapes to her hometown, where secrets from her past, including her first boyfriend, lay where she left them 10 years ago. Like I said, it'll be an easy listen. 

Also on my retail adventure I went to Hobby Lobby and filled that tiny little cart to my heart's content. Why in the world do they make those carts so sticking tiny?? I need one of those boats you get at Sam's Club or Costco, people! 

So I got some cards, cute little paper flower embellishments and ribbon adhesive, which I actually exclaimed, "Wow, cool!" (out loud, to myself, because I am that uncool). I always want to use ribbon on my handmade cards I make but can never figure out how to attach them. So voila, problem solved! 

I also grabbed that big 64 box of Crayolas because who wouldn't?! 

Speaking of whoooo, I picked this little guy up too: 
Where is your favorite place for retail therapy?