She Goes To Book Club

I packed my bag and took a picture so you could experience it with me:  copy of Kitchen House, my Smash Book for taking notes, my Kindle Fire, my bottle of Rex Goliath Mascato (cheap ass wine don't care) and a copy of "A Bottle for You, A Bottle for Me" by my FAV blogger, The Daily Tay. The last one was my show and tell for the night. It's a hysterical book that gives us mommies a funny inside look on how our family members must feel about our kids. I lol'd.
Book club was last night.
Is there anything better? 
I wouldn't call our book club conventional,
even though I have no idea how other book clubs work
For some reason I envision all these women stylishly dressed
sitting around overstuffed stripped couches 
situated comfortably around a coffee table 
in a quiet living room
with petite fours and tea on silver trays.
Well if you think that's what we got goin' 
You best be movin' on. 
We didn't have petite fours but we did have these yummy snacks

I made my book clubbies book marks with their intials 
Picture a living room with baby and kids toys (this will occur no matter which gal is hosting BC)
No impeccably dressed girl for me. I rocked a sports bra. (obvs)
There is spit up on the rug and a 3 year old running around with no underwear on
And this is how we like it :) 

So we talk about the book for about, oh, I would say 20% of the time.
This month's pick was Kitchen House.
This is the first time in 2 years I didn't read the book o' the month.
I don't know what came over me.
I felt so left out when they were talking about this book
especially when they all totally loved it. 
Sounds like it was about an Irish girl who came to the US on a boat and her parents died on the boat. The captain took her back to his plantation to work in the kitchen house with his slaves. 

And then a lot of stuff that I could not follow.
Sounds like this book as it all:
love, murder, miss-communication, heavy issues, family relationships...

One of the bookies said
 "I couldn't put it down and I stayed up reading, even though I needed sleep..."
And she's one of the new mommies so it must have been good for her to give up those precious minutes of shut eye!

Then we moved on to more important stuff
Like marriage, in-laws that drive us crazy and sex.

You know, the usual...

Next month's pick:
Tigers in Red Weather: A Novel