Whirly Farts, aka "Date Night"

Something big happened earlier this year with Big R.
We bonded over a book.
Huge deal.
We were looking for ways to "reconnect" 
And since he knows me so well, he took up my numero uno hobby and said he wanted to read a book.
I hooked him up with a copy of The Hunger Games.
Death. Apocalypse. Kids Killing Kids.
He basically lived it himself in his pre-teen years.
His mother still talks about those years with disdain.
Anyway, I was excited to see that he enjoyed the book so much 
that he continued the series and even went to the library 
and got his very own "libary" card.

So I not only scored in giving my husband and I something else to talk about
(besides soybeans, potty training and bills)
writer's note: after reading this, Big R said I made us sound boring. We aren't (we kind of are) but he is right. We do lots and talk about other things beside what I've claimed...)
I scored us a real life date night when the movie came out in theaters. 
That was a huge deal.

So last night, we rented it on dvd to watch again. Cause we are nerds like that.
The movie wasn't as good as the book. (Shocker) 
But we still enjoyed it.

I'll never pass up an opportunity to bond with Big R over a movie, book, etc. 
Except when he pulls a stunt like he did after the movie.
All that combat and killing must have inspired him
Because as we got up to head to bed after the movie
He came up to me and karate chopped me
Then twirled around in the air...
and farted.
Then named his new special move the "whirly fart."
And thought he was the funniest damn thing.

That was our date night.
Stay back girls, he's all mine.