Friday = Magazine Love

I love Fridays for many reasons. 

For the obvs: No work for 2 days, naptime/craftime and I get to finally seen my floor once I've picked up the house a bit. 

Another reason? My magazines. I like them, love them, gotta have them. 

Entertainment Weekly comes on Fridays and so does People, which my mother in law subscribes to, does the crossword then gives to me. I also get Parents, Parenting, Everyday Rachel Ray, Redbook, Family Circle, Marie Claire and Glamour.

Now that I type them all it looks like I have a problem.  But then I see Big R's pile of Outdoor Life, Bow Hunting, Missouri Game and Fish, etc and I don't feel bad. He even has hardback copies of the Cabela's catalogs  And keeps them.

Back to my favorites. I automatically read the Bullseye section of Entertainment Weekly, the "pop culture news that was right on target this week and the events the missed the mark."

This week's bullseye is Phillip Seymour Hoffman, which pretty much happens every time he's in a movie. Man's a genius.

The misses of the week:  Chris Brown's tattoo of Rhianna on his neck. Did it hurt as much to get that tattoo as it is for me to look at it?

My second section in EW is the book section (mmm duh) This week's pics: 
Sutton by J.R. Moehringer- A crime thriller set in 1969 that follows the life story of a notorious bank robber. Looks like it has crime, romance and New York City. Sounds like a winner! On to my Goodreads pile it goes! This book also showed up in People's "Fall's Hot Titles" this week. 

Another book I took note of was The Life of Objects by Susanna Moore. It's about an Irish teenager living in the throes of WWII in Berlin. It sounds like it would be popular with my Book Club girls. 

Another book People that caught my eye: 

Middlesteins by Jami Attenberg: Edie Middlestiens can't stop eating and her husband is losing patience. A tragicomedy about a family's unraveling. 

One of my favorite sections in People include the first 16 pages of celebrities doing mundane things (pics of Lady Gaga dressed in men's clothes, grabbing her crotch, the ushe) and wearing weird clothes, then the "Scoop" which this week claims Rob and Kristen are back together. Why do I care? I don't know, I just do! 

Okay, enough typing, my mags are calling my name!