I MAY just love these books!

Have you heard of May Books?
If you are a scatter brain, like me
Or have a love for fun prints, like me,
Then chances are you will LOVE May Books.

They are customizable planners. 
You pick the cover, the initials and the layout of the inside! 
I chose grey chevron with a J on the outside.
I think I made eighty some designs before I picked this one.

 I love the break down of each week at the back of the book so I can go
into more detail about plans that don't fit in the monthly calendar.

Also, it says "YAY!" on the package.
Which is what I actually said out loud when it came in the mail ;) 

Another fun feature is the May Books is really good about retweeting and reposting pictures of your May Book if you send them. (I haven't gotten one yet :( but the ones they repost are all super cute!)

Do you have a May Book? You can link up here and show it off!