I'm crazy and I know it

So I mentioned in another post that I think I have misophonia. 
I really think I do.

Misophonia – literally the hatred of sound -can be defined as a hypersensitivity to background sounds or visual stimuli that are generally ignored by other people. More importantly than the individuals inability to block out the offending stimuli or “trigger” is the acute negative emotional response experienced as a direct result of being in contact with a trigger.

I can't even remember when it started but it's been going on for a while.
My mother and sister started telling everyone
"Be careful, Jen doesn't have any filters"
And it was all fun and games
Until somebody got hurt.
And in this case, it was me.
I think saying I don't have any filters is a pretty good description. 
Has someone ever sounded a blow horn in your ear? 
Sounds are like that to me, ALL the time. 

Not just when they are in close proximity.

I don't know which sends me into a sad state faster

(by sad state, I mean imagine me with my hands over my ears, slowing rocking back and forth, back and forth, with my eyes squeezed shut)
and other times I just get crazy mad. Like the most ANNOYING thing has just happened to me.
Sometimes it's brought on when my kids scream really loud
and other times it's because of the woman in my office who 
wears jingle bell jewelry for the holidays.
She starts the day after Thanksgiving and wears it all the way through Christmas
Jingle bells earrings. Jingle bell necklace and a bracelets with a gazillion jingle bells attached to match. 
If you need me, I will be under my desk with earphones on
quietly humming Silent Night. 

My most dreaded places include:

My office (other people talking, clipping their finger nails and jingle bell jewelry)
basketball games (the buzzer, the squeaking shoes)
Live bands (enough said)
Board games with my family where everyone is yelling (I once dropped the f bomb during Taboo)
Loud music in the car, mixed with screaming children.

Other sounds:
A clicking from a ceiling fan 
Chains clinking together
High pitched screams
Bracelets clinking  together

I am going to stop before I have myself convinced I am a nutcase.

All in all, it's nothing that a quick trip
to a quiet room or closing my office door can't fix.
(and a readily available prescription of Xanaz) 

Anyone else ever heard or known of someone having this? 

Kelly Ripa has talked about it on Live! so that made me feel better! :)