It's Okay Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays
It's okay to get up early and not get anyone else up so that you can read your blogger reading list 
It's okay to take your shoes off under your desk at work
It's okay to be yourself even though people might think you're weird or not get your jokes
It's okay that your hubs makes fun of you when you call the girls you've met on the blogs your friends.
It's okay to feel like you're in a music video when you have the windows down in your car and your hair is blowing around your face
It's okay that your grandma posted a cartoon of a vibrator on Facebook and instead of telling her take it down you just laugh. (your ass off)
It's okay to like that it gets darker earlier so you can tell your kids it's bedtime at 7:45
It's okay to not wash your hair for one more day if it doesn't look greasy
It's okay to drink wine on a Wednesday, especially if you do it with friends
It's okay to watch the videos of Dina Lohan with Dr. Phil and then feel better about yourself.
It's okay to judge a book by it's cover. It's all okay, so just relax :)