From the mouths of babes

Need a cute gift idea for the anyone who's a parent? 
Look no further.
My mom bought this for me a couple of Christmases ago
And I am so happy she did. 
Kids are crazy and you don't want to forget all the random stuff that comes out of their mouths! 
It's called "My Quotable Kid"
It's like a journal where you can write down the crazy, sweet random things your kids say.
And we all know, those little boogers say some random things!

So, I thought I would share the entries I've recorded since I got the book in 2010. 

Ryder's Quotable Moments: 
"Mom, can you just chill down for a minute?"

"Hey parents, there is a whole roll of toilet paper in the potty, I can't believe it!"  

"I'm normal, I just like to eat eyeballs."

(to me) "When you lean down getting your make-up, I can see your butt.
Me: "Sorry"
Ryder: "That's okay. I love your butt. It's stinky."

On his made up friends:
 "Frockten is a coach and sometimes he goes on an airplane. He  goes to California."
"A wookin is a big thing that has wheels and it gets big boxes and gives them to somebody. There's mashed potatoes in the box. The wookin loves those mashed potatoes." 

To one of the daycare workers: "Do you have someone who feeds off those boobies?"

At his grandpa at Easter Dinner: "Eat your damn pie!" 

After Easter Dinner: "I just hit the candy mother loader!"

 Me: "Did  you take a nap today at Mimi's?"
Ryder: "Yes, but the damn dog woke me up."

"If you take my Band-Aid off, my ouchie will come alive. Let's leave it on until the ouchie heals. Is that a deal?"

Me: "Jesus!"
Ryder: "Mom, don't call me Jesus. My name is Ryder."

"I will explode on you like a baby duck."

"When my lights come on, I become a super hero.
(later, when I said that I needed help doing something):
"Do you need my lights to come on?"

Ryder to his t-ball coach:
"Do you know what you are going to say when I whack that ball?"
Coach: "What"
Ryder: "Holy Crap!"

"Mom, you don't look like a cow. You look like a mom."

"I think Reese is trying to poop a birthday hat out."

"I did not pee on myself. I went to the bathroom and lost control of my penis."


And now that Reese has starting talking alot, she's been added to the book to, when she said this little gem to the workers are our swimming pool:

"See you tomorrow, poopy faces!" 

See what I mean when I say you'll want to ride that stuff down? :)