She reads a bad one!

Finally, my first negative review!
And there's spoilers involved, but don't worry, you won't want to read it anyway)

This book is like a Lifetime movie married a Rascal Flatts song that was then redone by the Hallmark Channel. Full of cliches, bland personalities and, well, boredom.

The only Lifetime movie I ever watched I was like, in 5th grade and it was about an abusive high school boyfriend in a letter jacket who killed his girlfriend. And the only reason I watched it was because it starred that cutie from Wonder Years and DJ (pronounced Deej) from Full House. 
I remember recording it on VHS and re-watching it on a 13 inch tv in my room. So 1996 of me, I know. 
No One Would Tell
When I Googled the movie for an image, it came up with a list of Lifetime's Best Movies and this was the Number One Pick. I have good taste, friends! 

So, meet Cathy (worst main character name ever), John and Trey. They were all three basically abandoned by their parents and raised by others, thus befriended each other based on the ties that bind. 

Obviously, both boys are in love with the girl. Trey gets her. Both boys are football supa stars in a small Texas town, which I've heard makes you a celebrity down there. ( I know. I watched Varsity Blues a ga-zillion times in high school) 

So obvs, Cathy turns up preggo right after her high school graduation. She tells Trey the exciting news, thinking they will go off to college together and live in the adorbs married dorms and live happily ever after. He'll play college ball and she will go to school and become a doctor. (Oh, sweet, naive little Cathy). 

But little does she know, Trey has just gotten the word from his doctor that he's sterile due to a bought with the mumps when he was a sophomore. 

He assumes the baby is John's, who they all know has loved Cathy since they were eleven. (cue a montage of Winnie and Kevin) So he leaves town never to return again. 

The baby was apparently conceived during a drunk encounter between Cathy and John. The scene is described something like "He took off his boxers and her panties and as his erection touched the crevice between her legs, she called out "Trey..."


Note to self. If I ever write the long awaited novel that has been in my head since I was thirteen, never use the word "crevice" in a love scene.


Oh yeah, and before this all happened, Trey and John accidentally kill a totally innocent kid while trying to shave their football team's opponent's mascot. Then stage his death to look like he accidentally hanged himself while performing auto erotic asphyxiation on himself. 


Ugh. I can't tell you anymore. Just know it's 422 pages I'll never get back. 

(Did I mention John joins the Catholic Priesthood and never even ends up with Cathy?!)

It's so weird because her first books was so, so good! 

So read it, not this.