Weekie Wrap

Hey fraaanndsss!! 

 So I got to thinking, wouldn't it be fun to share some pics of my week on my blog? 
 Then I thought 
 Wouldn't it be fun if anyone who read my blog wanted 
to share pics with me? 
 Then... What if I started one of those linkie things and made a button for it and 
 And then my adult ADD kicked in a here we are! 
 The TWSH Weekie Wrap!

Here are some moments of my week that inspired me to snap pictures and share with you! 

That's What She Read

Our first trip out to the fields while Big R harvests

My first "lunch to the field" (Ususally the MIL does it but this year, I vol'tured to do it on Sundays. Menu: Pulled Pork sammies, twice baked mashed potatoes, corn & scotcheroos.

Stocked up on fall plants: Foxtails & Mums

That's alot o' mums! 
Took the kids on a ride in our Polaris Ranger. We discovered some "mysterious bumps" by the golf course and R1 wanted to get out and investigate. I tried to convince him they were alien tracks. He quickly explained that because the ground smelled like oil, it was most likely a tracter had been through. DUH, MOM!
And the highlight of the week! Teaching R2 the Duck Face!
 (Not sure this is really an accomplishment, but it sure is cute!)
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 Can't wait to see your Weekies!
 (lol that sounds funnier now that I've typed it out! ****************************************
That's What She Read
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