2009's 25 Random Things

Do remember that time you used "Notes" on Facebook to post things that were too long for statuses? 
I do. And I also remember that time when I only had one kid,  thus had far too much time on my hands.
Enough time to come up with 25 random facts about myself.
Lucky for you (and for me, because some of these are funny) I uncovered one such question-aire from January 2009. 
I went through and made snide comments to myself from way back then (because you know, 3 years was so long ago!)
1. I just discovered last night that I need glasses, bad. I put on my husbands and started to cry because I realized how much I haven't been seeing (and now you do have glasses that you never wear because you're too lazy to keep track of them) 
2. My favorite is meal is Velveeta Shells & cheese with ketchup. (still the same, don't be ashamed)
3. I used my "Best Slide" softball trophy as an Oscar trophy and practiced my speech in my bedroom. (true story)
4. I had a make believe boyfriend named Drew Forrester. (ahhhh dear sweet green eyed Drew)
5. I love crosswords and sudoku puzzles (just wait, in 2012 you'll be addicted to apps with angry little alligators)
6. I still pick my nose.(and now you try to act surprised when you're kids do it in public, you're all like, where'd they learn to do that?!)
7. I was never homecoming queen but someone wrote that I was hot on the boys locker room stall in high school and I think that's just as good.(Actually, not that cool. You know what they were referring too and that's just unlady like)
8.When we were little, my big sister and I used to ask eachother "anything funny happen to you today?" every night before we went to sleep and sometimes I'd make things up just to make her laugh.
9. I still sleep with a security blanket I've had for 15 years.(FINALLY threw that thing away!)
10. I have flashed the city of Chicago from a hotel room window on Michigan Avenue.(still one of my shining moments. YOLO.)
11. The first time I french-kissed a boy, I was looking at a poster on the wall with a cat on a tree branch that said "Hang In There."
Found it! Also, the taste and smell of Winterfresh gum STILL brings me back to those make out seshes.
12. I still love holding my mom's hand.
13. I love love love to read.
14. I have had the same hair cut my whole life. Except when Mom cut it off right before kindergarten- I remember I was wearing a sweatshirt with penguins on it. Finally, you get crazy and go brunette in 2011. You're still a total blonde though.
15. I cry when really good people make it through to Hollywood on American Idol. American what?. Now you watch The Voice and the only reason you cry is because Blake and Adam are so flippin' hot. 
16. My eighteenth birthday was the best birthday ever. Ever. A surprise concert with your best friends and limo ride is pretty awesome. Just don't tell people it you were going to see Rascall Flatts.
17. I secretly think about Mike Row and I doing the "dirty job" and my husband is fully aware of this. 
18. Once I called my mom a "trouser snake" in KFC because I heard it on Ferris Bueler's Day Off and had no idea what it meant. (This is still funny)
19. For a long time I thought Julia Roberts was showing Richard Gere lollipops in Pretty Woman when she was showing him her condom assortment.
20. I drink Diet Pepsi every day. (Still going strong. You should get sponsored)
21. Sometimes I plant my Tae Bow DVD in the player so my husband thinks I worked out that day. 
22. I google or facebook search old boyfriends. I am over this. Now I facebook stalk the girls I went to high school with.
23. I really do have a rock and roll grandma.
24.I think my mom's tattoos are hot and wish I could get one. 
25. I used to try on my Aunt Aimee's clothes and prom dresses when she wasn't home. (Was I too embarressed when I wrote this last one to also admit I tried on my other Aunt Jill's Homecoming Queen crown and stared at myself in the mirror??) Must've been.