App-solutely addicted

In case anyone ever wandered what I was doing on my Kindle Fire when I wasn't reading...
I thought I would share a little  craziness that is me. 

Big R makes fun of me for it, mainly because I am like a crack addict and try to sneak the Kindle into the car with me even if we are only going a couple miles...

But it's true so I can't get mad at him. Here it goes. 

I am addicted to playing  apps.

I can't get enough of games where I serve elaborate cakes to impatient customers, launch beavers at lumberjacks or try to give an alligator a bath...

Why? Do I have the intellect of a 10 year old boy, am I a closet gamer?! 

Well not anymore, I am not ashamed. I can't be a closet anything if I've just told the 160+ who follow this blog (WHAT!? happy dance and welcome, newest followers!) that I am addicted to my apps.

My current addiction is Cake Mania. I have no idea why. What will I gain by serving these supermen and grandmas their cakes? And why is superman ordering a three layer heart shaped cake anyway? I don't ask questions, I just make the orders.

I beat Beaver Revenge all the way to the end. And yes, when I couldn't beat one level, I Googled the video on how to beat it. Wow. Now I know why I was destined to write this post. So that I could see in black and white how ridiculous I am.

Love me some Mong Jong tiles (or whatever it's called). When I Googled this to get an image, there were versions of this game with bikini-clad girls on the cards and another version where there's a naked Asian girl behind the tiles (match and reveal!) 
Rest assured I am not playing those :) 

Cut the Rope was fun, but got taken over my R1. Okay I get it now, I am playing games my 4 year old can master. Though honestly, I don't think he could handle the pressure of Cake Mania. Those people get mean when they don't get their cakes!! 

And here's the game Big R got addicted to and stole my Kindle for! Where's My Water? I don't know where your water is, chubby little alligator, but here's 1 hour of my life I'll never get back to help you find it! 

Anyone out there shamelessly addicted to apps? 
Please share your stories so I don't feel so alone!