Rapunzel Wig

I made Reese a Rapunzel wig for Halloween and I can't get over the cuteness :) 

She calls Rapunzel "Princeth with long hair"
I wanted to make her a wig to look like Rapunzel in Tangled when she went to the town and the little girls braided her hair. I searched for wigs on Pinterest and Etsy and figured I would just make one myself, so here's the process: 

My supplies: 

 Ok so first I cut the entire thing of yarn in 4-ish foot strips and bundled them all together. 
Then I wrapped the head band in the yarn.

 Then I enlisted the help of Big R and we braided the yarn. Mostly, he braided, because he's awesome like that. ;) 

Oh yeah and I had some extra purple yarn so I added that into the mix to give it some color.

 During the braiding process, it didn't  go entirely smooth, so I had to be honest and take a picture of this "tangled" mess! Ha nice pun! 
 So when it was all braided, I found the middle point and glued that along the outside of the head band. 

 Then I twisted the two strands together. This is the point that I did a happy little giggle when I realized how cute it was turning out to be :) 

 And next I started hot gluing flowers to the hair. I used a mixture of silk flowers and some felt flowers I had made.

 and then voila! 

 I still have to tie it in places so the hair stays twisted together but I couldn't wait to have Reese try it on.

I think she likes it! 

What are  your little ones going to be for Halloween?