Cara Box Swap

Wanna know what was in my Cara box from Allie at 
Little Mouse's House? 

Cara Box

Allie sent me the most thoughful Cara Box. It was filled with items that I really enjoy and I knew that Allie must have spent time on my blog really getting to know me.
There were stickers and envelopes and paper to help me create some fall themed cards, a key pendant, which are my favorite, and some feather embellished earrings, inspired by some that I posted about buying. She also sent me pumpkin spice coffee and awesome nail polish and the best scarf I have ever seen! There's also a tshirt transfer for R2 that said "my mom's foxy" which is too cute! 

I loved Allie's little personal touches like writing little notes inside the box to explain why she included some of the items. Like I said, it was all so thoughtful! 

I really enjoyed getting to know Allie and have a feeling it's the beginning of a long lasting blog friendship! 

Also, thanks again to Kaitlyn at Wifessionals for such a great swap!