It's Friday Fraannds!

And if you know me, then you know it's happy time because obvs, it's Friday
and 2., it's magazine day! 

Ello tha, Entertainment Weekly! Don't mind if I give a ganda at ya! (say that all in a British accent. You're welcome.
So, I dove right in and you know what I found suprising? They gave J.K. Rowling's new book, A Casual Vacancy, a B-! (which is good if you were me in high school algabra, but not so good as a book review). They called it "overwrought slog." hmmm

And now I am going to admit something to you that I hope you will forgive me for. It's a crime I feel I live in sin with as a self proclaimed book worm. I've never read the Harry Potter books.

What?? What did you say?

I said, I've never read the Harry Potter books.

You've WHAT??

SHHHHHHH don't tell anyone. Please forgive me.

I really do have it on my Bucket List, I've just never gotten that far. So that's why I was intrigued by this book because I thought I would get on the JK bandwagon. But now I'm hestitant. The plot ( a novel about a bunch of small town folk vying for a job, is what I gathered) has a bunch of stuff mixed together with none of the charm of Harry Potter creativity. Plus, there's child abuse, rape and self mutilation mixed in.

My mother in law loved it.

Riddle me that, because this doesn't sound good. But I am a fair player, so I'll give it some time, maybe read another review and see if any of you like it before I write it off my shelf! 

Next up: Arnold "The Schwarz" Enegger wrote a book, where he admits to getting a little TOO excited while filling a sex scene in Conan The Barbarian.(is that how he fathered a son with the maid?...o wait that's another movie...)

The book that caught my attention and made it to my Good Reads shelf is The Heart Broke In by James Meek ( I DID NOT pick out this book because he shares a similiar name to my love, James Van Der Beek, no I didn't). An aging rock star, his smart sister and others star in what sounds like a modern based novel about "wanting what they want" EW's reviews says that the hearts in the book are spectacular and "easily fill 400 finely wrought pages." Sign me up. 

This week, I totally agree with the Bulleyes page. Rebel Wilson is front and center: McDuh. On the outskirts of the Bullseye? Kesha having sex with a ghost. McOver Her. 

Speaking of McD's, I am LOVING the caramel mocha right now. So good and such a great stand in for Starbucks, who tempts me from an hour's drive away.

You wanna know another reason I am flippin' lovin' Entertainment Weekly right now?


"AS IF" talking about Clueless as a "classic" doesn't make me feel old all ready, they had to go and tell me it came out 17 years ago! 

"Yo yo yo, you're getting on the freeway!!!"

"After that, Deon's virginity went from technical, to nonexistent."

Happy Friday!