It's Okay Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays
It's "It's Ok Thursday," which means whatever I do today is totally justified.
Loves it! 

It's okay to put ketchup on whatever I want. That includes Velveeta Shells & Cheese or Doritos
(I hardly ever admit this or eat said combos in public, so you're welcome for that glimpse into my closet eating habits) side note: not that I eat like this on the regular...I just dream about it.

It's okay to buy the biggest wine glass you can find and then say you've only "had one glass" when in reality you can prrreeettty much fit an entire bottle in it.

It's okay to refuse to answer the door when your old lady neighbor rings the doorbell, and it's still okay to hide in the back of the house when she comes to the side door. Crazy Lady.

It's okay that I didn't understand a majority of the debate last night, only that their ties were representative, Obama has one hellavu smirk and Romney has lots of kids.
Someone hook me up with a copy of Politics for Dummies.

It's okay to be totally creeped out at the scary book I'm listening on audio in my car and that I lock the doors when it's dark out and I'm driving. The Diviners, I am totally enthralled by it.

It's okay to turn down an invitation for dinner with a friend because you don't want to put a bra back on after work.

It's okay to eat dinner on the floor picnic style with the kids once in a while.


Wanna know why I am super pumped for this weekend?

Three words: Me. Babysitter. WINEFEST.
Things are gonna get real!