It's Okay Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

Let's start off with this little gem:

I totally wish I could back to the 1 month I was 21 and not preggo, so that I go to a bar and do this.

Hey that's a great place to start It's Okay Thursday

It's okay that I only got to drink legally in a bar 2 times before I found out I was PG! (It's really not, can I get a redo?) JUST KIDDING, I wouldn't trade my lil guy for anything.

It's okay that I am totally obsessed with blogging right now. I'm like a crack addict. I need my fixes. 

It's okay that I put the kids to bed 15 minutes early and sneakily skipped 8 or 9 pages of "Hop on Pop" so that I could get settled in front of the TV and laptop for Duck Dynasty, Modern Family and Nashville.   AND Winey Wednesday.


It's okay to quote Phil Dunphy from Modern Family as much as I want

"Always look people in the eye, even if they are blind. Just say "I'm looking you in the eye right now."

And last but not least....

It's totally okay to be hungover on Thursday!