It's okay Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

Ok let's get started: 

It's okay to totally be annoyed by someone on tv just because of the way they dance and dress.

Please don't hate me but I CANNOT STAND this chick. And she's never even done anything wrong to me.

It's okay that this little booger eats underwear.

I guess it's really only okay if you don't let her lick your face??

It's okay to tell my four year old he's too young to be a zombie for Halloween. Right?? I mean he'd scare the ba-geezes out of all the little girls in his class! 

It's okay to have heartburn over the fact that Big R wants to get R1 a gun for his 5th birthday. As in, a real gun, like a .22. I feel like he just learned to walk and now we're buying him weapons? I guess when you're a redneck, they grow up faster? If Big R wasn't the biggest hunting enthusiast I've ever met, I would probs put up a fight but I think I'd lose it so I am just going to grin and bear it. And like, cover R1 in bubble wrap and a life jacket. (because bullet proof vests don't come in toddler).

It's okay to be way too excited for getting my hair done tomorrow. Who else anxiously awaits the head rub you get when they wash your hair?! 

I know she's like the herpes of iTunes or something, but it's okay to love Taylor Swift. I'm not ashamed.

Oh! Speaking of country stars, it's okay to watch Nashville, because it's pretty darn awesome. Please tell me you've discovered the awesomeness that is Wednesday night TV! 

Over and out!