Meet my sis + canvas art tutorial

I have something really cool to share with you guys! 

If you really knew me, you'd know that my sister Jessica is not just who I consider my best friend, she's also pretty much my soul mate. We're so different and so similar  so yin and yang that it's pretty easy to see why we got paired up in life. She's only 16 months older than me, so growing up in the 90s, we were basically a package deal, from our matching Snoopy Christmas sweatshirts to our color coordinating skirts (I distinctly remember plaid skirts with matching scrunchy socks, her's purple, mine pink)

One of my favorite things about Jessica is her creativity. She's got enough to spare. Over the past 5 years, I have enjoyed watching her grow as a very popular photographer in our area. (Check out her Facebook page: Peace of You Photography), Also, the girl can turn any space into a cozy room filled with the cutest knick knacks and personal pieces. Anywhere she's ever lived looks like she's lived there for years and years and adorned the walls with everything vintage and creative that caught her eye. 

Oh, you want to see pictures of her house? I thought you would! 

After the pics, she's sharing a great canvas art tutorial. She's also got a knack for creating pieces of art for like $5 that you swear are $500 pieces she must have gotten at a gallery or something. 

My sister's uber cool house pics (try not to be as jealous as I am) 
(PS, that super big fluffy dog? That's their fur baby, Wrigley :) 

See what I mean? I knew you'd think she was as cool as I do

So here's Jess's Tutorial:

My Therapy.My Paint

Sometimes when I get down in the dumps the best thing for me to do is turn on the right side of my brain and get a little lost. I saw this awesome painting on pinterest and thought I would tackle it. I love it.

Good size canvas
Burlap (any size)
Glue (if needed)
A Needle
Paint Brush

1. Lay out your burlap on your canvas. The burlap I had was skinny, so I just layered it on top of each other.
2. Glue the overlapping part down
3. Sketch out your drawing before you take a paintbrush to it.
4. I love the View and like to have it on in the background while I paint. 
4. PAINT! Don't rush...enjoy your time with this.

8. Hang your art and enjoy the rest of your day! :)