Meet Sarah!

Hey Fraaannnds! Today I am feeling a little in the dumpies, but I won't stress too much because
thankfully I have the best medicine: A guest blogger!
Don't you just love them?
I am excited for you to meet Sarah because her blog has been my go-to for ideas and inspiration about blogging AND her site is jam packed with link ups, which we all know are a priceless tool when you're just starting up in the blog world and want to meet new people.
Sarah has it all: She'll show you how to make a pumpkin scone, she'll make you buttons for your blog design and she'll ask if she can pray for you.
 I know right!? 

She's great because she gets it, and she's always posting ways to help you, tips and inspiration!

So here she is, get to know her, love her blog and you won't be disappointed.
And then leave me a comment or something, I need some cheering up :)  

Hey There!  I'm Sarah from All Things Blogs.
Today I'm here to talk about my blog.
All Things Blogs
All Things Blogs, is my place in the bloggy world where I can blog about anything!
Lately, it hasn't been about the numbers of followers I have, it's been about what I want to see on my blog, and the content, I love being able to post whenever I want to.
I'm not worrying about the followers, or the page views or any of that stuff, just focusing on the quality of the content.
I always have trouble with coming up what to blog about, but I decided I would blog about anything and everything I wanted to blog about.

I love to design my blog, create buttons, create headers, do almost anything to design my blog. I would die without Picmonkey, Paint, DaFont, or the help of my best bloggy buddy Kate @ A Creative Cookie.

I also have a list of linky parties, you can find here.
You can also check out my shop!
Glitter and Mustaches

Thanks so much for having me Jen!
xoxoxo sarah