My boots got complimented


Something big just happened.

Someone complimented on my boots.

I can't take my excitement.

No one ever compliments my footwear. No one ever notices my clothes.

I think all these fashiony blogs are wearing off on me.

Take this weekend for instance: There I was at a Wine Fast (10 coolness points) rocking a pair of burnt orange feather drop earrings (11 cool points)  I found through Lesley @ By The Porchlight's give a way
Rust Chain Feather Earrings
By Flightless Bird Designs on Etsy

I also wore boots with leggings, an over-sized cardigan and a white shirt. I NEVER wear white. I also put product in my hair. AND wore a scarf. 

I know they say beauty is on the inside but I just can't help but think that I've started feeling better about myself when I dress nice or when people complement me on my clothes.

Here are the boots that prompted the compliment that got me excited which made me write this post: 
They're pretty simple and I am wearing casual dress pants so you can only see the bottom, but still! Plus at $30.00 you can't really go wrong.

So bottom line: Flattery is the fastest way into my heart.

Ok, not really but seriously, see how easy it is to make me smile? 
And there's a lesson to us all: Pay a compliment, make someone's day. 
Be nice. 
And notice people's shoes. 
It just may be the first compliment they've gotten in that department in many years ;)

O yeah, I also won a give a way today! I know right?! I better got buy a lotto ticket, STAT.
Here's the give a way I won:

Another thing I am excited about:
I was going to write a post about all the fun that was had at the Wine Fest
But my mom asked if she could do it! 
Love that woman! So be looking for that soon.
You'll like her too! 

Til next time! 

ONE MORE THING: If you think I am not having a Toasty Tuesday Twitter Wine Party tonight, you are crazy :)