Party Planning!

Bliends, I need you help! 

(see what I did there? Bloggers + Friends :)

R1 is going to be 5 next month.

Holy *Can't Believe he's that old*

Let's take a short recap of his birthday parties, shall we? 

His 1st Bday was a Mizzou Tiger Football Party:  
Here he is in all his one-year-old chubby glory. Those cheeks, those thighs, I die! 

 Here's his 2nd Birthday: A farm/barnyard theme. I was quite impressed with my like barnyard animal cupcakes that year!
 Year 3, He took over the planning himself and decided on a Toy Story Theme
O yes and while I was browsing through the 3rd bday party picks, I saw this gem of R2's hair and had to share. That was au natural baby, I couldn't get her hair to lay flat for the life of me! 

 Last year, Batman took over our local bowling alley. This is about the time R1 discovered "posing" :)

So we've done the family birthday party and the bowling party and this year I want to do something with lots of little "boyish" activities set up in our yard. 

I was thinking of things like a mini obstacle course with strings strung between trees, a treasure hunt in the sand box and life size game of Angry Birds, like this one I saw on Pinterest: 

Cute huh! 

Do you have any ideas for me of activities or themes?
I like to have a name for the party to, like
You're Invite to Ryder's Outdoor Adventure" or something like that.
Found this on Etsy and kind of like it: 
Camping Party Invitation (15)

Suggestions, please!