4 things list for Kids' Christmas Gifts

Awhile ago, I saw a sign on Pinterest that was a simple guide to buying your kids' Christmas Gifts:

Something They Want
Something They Need
Something They Wear
Something They Read

I think it's a really great guide. We hope to not get too carried away with gifts this year so this is easy and practical to follow. The kids have lots of grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles, so they will help fill in I am sure!

So here's what I am thinking for Reese. I am going to have to narrow down what she wants from a list that looks something like this:

Reese's Toys

And she is getting a big girl room soon so she'll need new bedding! This is way out of the price range I would spend, but I want something similiar. 

Graphic Patch Quilt & Sham

And on to my favorite part: CLOTHES!
Reese's wardrobe is better, bigger and more coordinated than mine.
I found all of these cute pieces at Old Navy!

Reese's Christmas Wishlist

And something to read. I would love a book like this we could read a little bit out of every night. We SO need a new book to read before bedtime. I don't even have to look at the words of "Goodnight Moon" anymore. I've got that stuff memorized! 

Ryder's Loot: 
He's pretty easy to buy for. There are a lot of fun toys out there for 5 year old boys. He'd be happy with any of these. The one I like the best is the Creationary from Lego. It's a board game almost like Pictionary but instead you use Legos to create what's on the card and get your team to guess what you made! I think we would all have fun with this game!

RYder's christmas list

For Something He Needs, this is Big R's department and rumor has it Big R thinks it's time to get R1 a gun. I am not sure what kind, but it'll be a very simple, low caliber, youth gun that they can begin target shooting with in anticipation of R1 being old enough for youth deer and turkey season next year. And apparently, in the world of AVID hunters, this classifies as R1's NEED this year. 

Something To Wear: How cute are these clothes?! Also from Old Navy: 

Ryder's Christmas Wishlist

There's nothing more R1 loves to do than settle on the living room floor with a huge Where's Waldo book.Our favorite part is to find all the funny, crazy things that are listed in the back of the book! 

So there's my picks for the kids' Christmas goodies! 

What are you getting your little ones this Christmas?