Corn ships aren't just what feet smell like

Well that's the oddest post title I will probably ever have

I am not even going to try and explain how the above picture 
seems so gross but at the same time
is so stinkin' delicious.

It's a picture of a contradiction.
Smelly corn chips combined with peanut butter?
Seems like something the Duck Dynasty guys would whip up to put in 
mouse trap.

Alas, it's delicious.
I had never seen nor heard of this interesting combo until
I saw it at a potluck at work. 

I also witnessed someone replace with apples in an apple pie 

And that tastes about just like it sounds.

But I will try anything once
Oh wait,  no I won't.
Once someone brought hot dogs in spaghetti and I opted out.

Ok so I saw the peanut butter goodness on the Fritos and couldn't stop starring at this odd little pairing and gave it ago.

And it's pppppreeettyy much amazing.
I have no idea why.

So here you go, the recipes for the best hits-the-spot, great-for-last-minute snack EVA: 

1 cup white corn syrup
1 cup white sugar
1 cup peanut butter
1 10.5 ounce bag Fritos
2 handfuls of M&Ms or chocolate chips

Pour out the Fritos on a large shallow pan lined with wax paper or foil. Combine the corn syrup and sugar and bring to a boil. I melt them in the microwave in my Pampered Chef glass batter bowl and it works perfect.- usually takes about 6-8 minutes for the sugar to be dissolved and you're set!)or the stovetop works great too. (spray the pot with Pam). Then stir in the peanut butter til smooth. Pour the mixture over the chips, sprinkle with M&Ms or chips, and chill for about 30-60 minutes. 

You can thank me later, wink.