Date Night & Target Practice

Holy tiredness Batman 

I don't know which is contributing the most to my exhaustion, but it could be that I worked my tail off on Saturday and lost a lot of sleep last week and that we lost an hour of our presh time today. A combination of all of these things are the recipe for a heady cocktail of "I can barely keep my eyes open, don't ask me any important questions"

Or something. 

So here's a recap of my weekend, or what I can remember of it through my heavy-eyed haze. 

Remember that time our kids were staying overnight with the gparents and we had a date night??
How about that time I got the movie time wrong so our drive out of town was for nothing?!

After dinner we showed up at the theater, I asked for the movie and the not-so-nice movie theater guy was very happy to inform me that I must have been looking at the wrong website, they have never had "Pitch Perfect" in their  theater. Smug bastard. I almost retorted that he looked like a shaggy Orville Redenbacher but I restrained myself somehow. 

So what do you do when you date night is dampered? You do something even cooler and go hang out with your mother in law at the home decor boutique she's working at with all her friends. Ha. Best date night ever.

Said no one ever. 

Just kidding.  I love her! Plus, they had wine, so I was fine. 

And I found this precious little magnet. 

Then Big R and I decided to salvage what was left of our date night and stopped by the local "toddy shop" and I found this: 

Guys. It's wine, in a juice box. Chilled. With a screw top LID.


Ok, so I had to take it easy because I had to be up at the butt crack of butt crack for my work event/first craft show.

The day was a hit and I can't wait to share pictures of some of the awesome stuff I saw. I sold 4 wreaths and most of my cards, so that was fun. A little disappointing, but I got a lot of feedback!

Sunday was the laziest day I have had in a long time and I loved every single minute of it. I did get to go out with Big R to the shooting range and try out the new gun he got me. 

Last year, Big R and I were looking for some ways to "reconnect" and find something we could do together and since he lives and breathes hunting, I told him I would give it a shot. He took me deer hunting and I kind of got hooked. I am the most amatuer, but it still is fun and he really likes it and enjoys teaching me! So this year he bought me a .243 (which apparently has something to do with the bullet size  I think??) and took me out today to give it ago. 


Here's our target. 
Bet you can guess which ONE shot Big R fired off and which are all mine. 

Nice little weekend, if I do say so myself! 

Oh, wait, and then this happened: 

Daylight Savings Time! reginakay10