It's Okay Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay that I don't have a lot to blog about! 

Well, there's this cuteness: 

It's okay to use PicMonkey to digitally enhance our eyes. They're blue but what's the harm in making them bluer?! 

Gotta love PicMonkey.

It's Okay to ALMOST fall for a Craiglist Scam. 
But don't you worry, weird little Helen from California, we are on to your game. I will not be sending $400 in shipping costs via Westen Union to your "shipping agent" Mariem Ortega in California before receiving your $800 for our mattress on Craiglist. Nice try though. 
Now go get a real job! 

It's okay that everyone in our house enjoyed breakfast from R1's trick or treat bucket. 
Oreos for Breakfast, anyone!? 

It's okay that R1 never saw the packet of Butterfinger covered pretzels....
What he doesn't know won't kill him. Wink Wink.

It's okay that this weekend I am doing my first craft show and I am totally nervous about it.
If no one buys a wreath, I will take that as a sign I should stop.

If they won't buy them, that's a good indication that my family doesn't want them as gifts either. 
Please, save me the "Oh, that is so nniiiiicee..." and awkward fake smile...

It's okay not to feel guilty that the kids are staying OVERNIGHT with my mom and Big R and I have a date night tomorrow night!
 I should look up the term "date" on urban because I have forgotten what it even means after all this time! It better include a margarita or three. 

You feel me?