My BBFF's back!

Good morning! 
Can you believe I am crazy enough that I am already home from Black Friday shopping? Man, there's nothing like  camping out in a tent in the 30 degree weather outside the WallyWorld.


That would be my hell. 

I am however, taking advantage of some online sales, so there's that. Try getting me off my comfy couch the day after Thanksgiving, just try me. 

Today, I've got a treat for you. My blog BFF is back. And you know what's so great about Mallory? She's just about the funniest person because just when you think she's totally normal...BAM she throws you a curve ball.  And I mean that in the nicest way. I love her spontaneity. Like this post. Just when you think you're going to read ANOTHER Thanksgiving post, here comes Mallory.  So here she is. Oh and since I know after you read it, you'll be wondering if she can be YOUR new blog BFF, the answer is no, she's already taken ;)

Why hello That's What She Read readers! 

This is me and my girl, Deuce. I know. She's adorbs.

Y'all know me. 
In case you don't...
I'm Mallory and I blog over at From California To Kansas

Apparently Jen is busy this week(mmhmmmm...sure she is)

So she's called upon me to entertain you.

I'm sowwrry.

I don't have delicious recipe for you.
Or a really wonderful book to read.
Or even a oh-my-gosh-this-is-so-easy-craft.

What do I have, you ask?

Just my everyday whit, brains, and brawn.


So, if you didn't already know, I'm from California. I did live in a part of California that gets cold, has snow(even though it only lasts for a day or so), but yes, it is sunny a lot of the time, and if I ever got tired of the cold, I just drove 30 minutes south. 

Now that we've cleared the Thanksgiving Hurdle, we're in range of Christmas! Or Hanukkah. 

Outside those holidays...I can officially start wishing for snow without getting the evil eye.

Like this:

Be still my heart, how sweet does that little pup look?

Let me just clarify, lest you think I'm insane for wishing for snow(my co-workers think I'm crazy)

1. I want snow, but I want to be inside for it. With a book and some hot cocoa. 
2. I love how still and quiet it is when it snows, but I'm certainly not taking a walk outside to    enjoy that.
3. And I do not want to have to drive on icy roads the next day(or days)
4. All I want is 6+ inches on a Thursday or Friday, to get me a 3 or 4 day weekend, and I'll be perfectly happy.

Ok Jen. Unbusy yourself already.

Your poor readers.

And if any of y'all are still reading, come visit me at From California To Kansas
to say hello!