My Fellow Wine Ho's Guest Posto

Hey Fraaaannnnds! With this crazy busy week coming up, I have enlisted the help of some of my best wine hoes to keep the fun coming on this here corner of bloggy world.
I couldn't think of a better way to entertain you than to talk about wine,
so here's my gal pal and frequent fellow #wineywednesday tweeter,
Amanda @ A Beautiful Mess!
Hello fellow and dear readers of That's What She Read! I am so so so excited that Jen asked me to write a guest post for her! Jen and I are always interacting on Twitter... making up days such as, #winesunday and #toastytuesday. I take that back, we didn't make those up... they exsist in everyone's real life, right?
Let me start by tell you a little about myself, my name is Amanda and I am Oregon native who has transplanted (thanks to my Coastie husband, who's pretty awesome by the way) to Florida. I blog at a beautiful mess. A year and 4 months later, I am STILL adjusting to the Florida weather. I miss my boots and scarves, oh yeah and there is a thing called seasons in Oregon, Florida didn't get the memo apparently! I love running, yoga, wine, reading, wine, blogging, and of course, wine! Cheap wine, I'm not picky. If anyone wants to send some my way.
Speaking of wine, the point of this post is to teach you a couple things about wine, because I am an expert (not).
1. Tasting wine essentially means smelling, therefore women are better at tasting it (and drinking it, if I do say so myself) because it has been medically proven that women have a better sense of smell (this is probably why boys are more stinky!) Journalism Professors would be ashamed to know that I didn't site that fact.
2. Do you know which states have the highest consumption of wine? California, New York, and you guessed it, FLORIDA. I am SURE that it's all because of me. 100% positive. Where are the New York and Cali wine drinkers at?
3. Which fruit crop do you think grows on the most acres world wide? Apples, grapes or pears? GRAPES! Duh. You probably guessed that considering this is a post about wine. Or ya'll are also very knowledgable about wine, like me (and know how to use Google).
4. Roman woman were not allowed to drink wine (say whaaaa?). I believe their husbands could kill them if they were caught drinking it or divorce them. Thank the lawwwd for 2012!
5. And for the grand finale... according to this site, women who drink two glasses of wine a day are more active in the bedroom (if you know what I mean...)
Thanks, Jen for having me!! Cheers to all of you!
I'm out.