Questions with no answers

Questions I ask myself on the daily
and never have good answers for:

Why do I pull on my hair and twirl it like a 13 year old "valley" girl when I get nervous?

Why do I obsess over a good book and carry it with me wherever I go, just in case I get two seconds to read?

Why do I gross myself out by staring at people while they chew?

Why do I stalk people I don't even know on Facebook?

Why do I listen to TSwift on repeat and then nod in agreement when people say she's annoying?

Why do I check my blogger stats every. single. time. I get online?

Why do I want Instagram so bad and imagine how much better/interesting/artistic what I am doing at that moment would be if I only had it?

Why do I want more kids just so that I can use up all the baby names I have in my head?
Why do I wait until the last minute to plan for dinner and then end of making my kids Campbell's Thick and Chunky soup with mashed potatoes? (aka bad mom's Shepard's Pie).
Why do I obsess about my kids' birthday parties as if they give a crap about anything other than the presents?

Why do I write blog posts in my head while going to the bathroom and driving?

Why do I panic if a restaurant doesn't have ketchup?

Why do I sweat if a stranger accidentally brushes up against me?


Do you answers for me? :)