Well, ello there, Brie!

If you follow me on Twitter , you may have noticed a little thing called
#winey wedesday (and ok, let's be real, @toasty tuesday and #thirsty thursday)
And Brie is usually right there with me.

She's pretty flippin' witty. Girl could write a book with her clever one liners.
I KNOW we'd have fun on a blate someday!

Because November is the CRAZIEST month ever for me, I called on some of my favorite blogs to help keep my blog from reaching  ghost town status.

So without further adeiu,
Heeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeee's Brie!

Hello Lovelies!
I'm so glad that I am sponsoring Jen this month.
I absolutely love her to death!
We are pretty good twitter friends, sorry that sounds a bit wrong if you say it too fast, (twitter friends, twitter friends, twitter friends....) and I just love reading her blog every day.

I always run into this issue when thinking of what to write for a guest post.
I just don't know what to write about.
You want to write something amazing but it's hard to decide what you should throw out there.
Since Ms. Jen LOVES to read I'm going to share with you my first book.
Well, it was my first time at trying to write a book.
I think I was around 10 or 11 and I was a bit obsessed with dragons (I'm still a little obsessed). I decided that I was going to write about the FIRST dragon. Good idea in thought, bad idea for a 10 yr old to write. My story was so far fetched it isn't even funny.
I'm remembering all of this (sadly I didn't print it off the computer and it will forever be lost to my mothers horror) and so bare with me.
My characters were blue people (hmmm maybe James Cameron stole my idea) and they were super tall and pretty. There were some purple people, green people, and orange people. Evidently no one was actually human so there is that issue a 10 yr old has to contend with. I thought it was a pretty good story except for the fact that I described EVERYTHING in great detail. Such as "He was standing there at 6'5'' smiling. The type of smile you love. He had about 10 teeth showing when he smiled. He had long blue hair that was braided. Not a girly braid but a manly braid. His hair was very shiny. His eyes were very clear like pools of water." I am telling you, it is horrible for me to even remember. If I had tried to get it published it would have hit the shredder in 2.5 seconds.
Of course the main character was a knight and was very handsome and the princess wanted to make babies with him.

Side Note: My hormones were evidently really kicking in around this age and I discovered Romance novels that were hidden from me in the house. I now knew that sex was pretty amazing we are talking "He grasped her firm bosom into his hands and pressed his warm lips against her throbbing...." ya. So my story had some pretty steamy scenes, especially for a kid my age. Let's just say I did some copy and paste.

Some how the story skips some parts, I killed off a lot of characters so I had to create new ones some how, then we got to the egg.
That is when writers block hit me and hard.
I sat there at my ancient computer and couldn't think of what to do next. So I did what any normal 10 year old does.
I gave up and decided to either write another story or move onto something else.

This is why I like blogging.
No commitment.
I write what I want and can move on to the next story.
So...stop on by, say hi, and see what other random things might be happening in my corner today :)