Brag About It Monday!

From California To Kansas

Today, I am going to brag that I am done Christmas Shopping!
I actually even got some presents wrapped last night, WITH cute little chalkboard gift tags!
Big R still has a couple gift cards to get online but man, am I relieved to be done making lists (and checking them twice, har har har). We have two family Christmas celebrations this weekend so it was time to get cracking.
This weekend we will do a “As Seen On TV” Chinese gift exchange, a second Chinese gift exchange and presents for my grandpa, his wife and our huge extended family on that side of my mom’s family. It’s always so fun. SO many kids and people! And great food! One of them includes a dessert competition, which Big R and I debated entering 2 to see which one of us would beat the other. I am thinking my Pecan Pie (aka Pioneer Woman’s) could be a contender!
And one more brag that I am TOTALLY EXCITED FOR. Starting this week, I am going from working 80 hours every 2 weeks to 72. That means that I will have 2 work free afternoons a week or a full day if I need it. I am so excited about this new change because my house and homelife is in desperate need of a little more of my undivided attention!  I hope to use the time to  catch up on the things that need done before my circus comes home. Laundry, dishes, vacuuming, will all be done and I can greet them with a smile instead of a crazy lady daze when they get home!
What are you bragging about today?

Grab the box and tell us about it!