Our Year in Review: 2012

Don't even get me started on the fact that next week is January, 2013. I can't frickin' believe it.  In celebration of the new year, I thought I would sit down and remind myself of all the fun things I must have been doing to make this past year just zoom past. (that's what I am telling myself, anyway.)  So here we go: 

January:  Rebel and I had a date night. GASP, I know, pretty crazy. It doesn't happen alot but this was a special occasion. Our favorite band, Randy Rogers Band, was playing in Kansas City and we couldn't not go. It was great. There's nothing like a great country concert, in our opinion. Here's their newest song:

February: I turned 26. I have no idea how this happened. I want a recount. R1 won a couple medals in youth wresting and looked like the cutest kid ever in a singlet.

March: Rebel turned 48. JK, he's only 32 but his birthday made me feel much better about her old age ish ness.

April: I had the honor of being matron of honor in my best friend Morgan's wedding and delivered the best speech ever, if I do say so myself, at least I tried really hard to make it great! Here's a cute photo of me and the beautiful bride and my other dearest, oldest friend, Steph.

May: Rebel finished up planting at a reasonable time, which freed up lots of time to be spent on the golf course. The weather was beautiful, which meant there were naked mini Herrons running around the front yard earlier in the year.

June: I've got nothing for June. We probably swam and played baseball alot.

July: Reese turned 2 and I cried because my last baby was grown up. Those 2 years were by far the FASTEST years ever! We also took a vacation weekend in Kansas City at Crown Center and visited Legoland and Sealife. The kids had a blast! This was also the month I started That's What She Read. It was such a great  decision and I am so happy I started this adventure! 

One of my brothers got married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony. It was so wonderful. This picture gives you just an idea of how large my family is. This is my mom, step dad and their kids and grandkids. Needless to say, our get togethers are crazy! 

September: Nothing sticks out in my mind for September. With Big R in harvest, the kids and I just hung around the house, enjoying the beautiful leaves in the park across from the house.  We also took tons of family combine rides while Big R was in the field and I tackled taking lunch to the workers in the field! Just call me Suzy homemaker. 

Halloween was a blast this year! Both kids outfits were "semi hand made." We got Ryder's Waldo shirt, glasses and hat at Target and then put together a hiking backpack and stick with things around the house and he won first prize at our town's local Halloween parade. I wish I could have snapped a photo of Ryder's face when he heard them call his name. It was pure happiness. I made Reese's Rapunzel wig out of a bundle of yellow yarn too and she loved it! (See my tutorial!)

I also went to a Wine Fest with my mom and had so much fun! It was nice to venture out beyond the confines of cheap Sutter Home and box wine and try local wines! 

November: Ryder turned 5. I got really emotional during his birthday week and couldn't fathom how fast the last 5 years had went. (Read his birth story I wrote for the occasion here) Big R and I had fun planning his Angry Birds birthday party for him. Big R did a great job of drawing the pigs on green balloons and the birds on some kick balls. The little boys had so much fun at the party! 

Big R and I also spent some time in the deer blind. I like the quietness, he likes the hunting. Okay, I'll admit, I do like the hunting too! This year though, I didn't get to shoot one, but I still enjoyed it! 

December: The holiday craziness begins! Together with Big R's family and mine, we had 5 Christmas celebrations to attend! I am exhausted just thinking about it. 

December was also the month I started working less hours at work and for that, I feel truly blessed. I really do feel more sane and calm after spending more time at home, with extra time to keep it clean! 

I end this year with a lot of great memories with my children to cherish forever. I also end it with a lot of new friends, thanks to this awesome blog world I have been blessed to be a part of. I can't wait to see what 2013 brings!