The Best Text Ever and Breaking Dawn 2

Good Morning!
First things first, I am super excited to be guest posting over at By The Porchlight today. I am talking about my top favorite LOOOOVVVEEE books! So go check it out! 

Thursday night I went to the movies with some friends. Big R stayed home with the kids.

(Breaking Dawn 2 was actually really good. I loved to books, which I read about 4 years ago, so some things I didn't remember but I was very impressed at a certain part in the movie, where the screenplay writers added a whole new realm that wasn't in the book, but managed NOT to change anything about the story. Kudos to them, I thought it was genius. The special effects still needed major work, which for some reason they've always struggled with in the movies. Can't they borrow some one from the Bond or Avatar movies already?)

Don't give me wrong, I love the books, character, movies, etc. I love them so much that sometimes I like to make fun of the "young adultness" of it all. Especially when I find things 
like this:

Geniuslyfunny, am I right? 

Anyhooters, as I was getting in line to get my ticket, I received the following text from Big R.
When this sort of thing happens in life, you really just have to laugh. Because really, what else is there to do?
I know! Share it on you blog, to give people an inside look at what really goes on at the crazy ass little place I call home. 

"Ur daughter went to the bathroom, came out and told me she "pooped on the floor, it was not an accident, and next time I won't do it again." I went in and a turd was laying by the toilet. I turned around to wipe her n change her undies and the dog snuck in behind me and took the turd and ran off with it and ate it before I could get it back. What the f**k just happened. Now reese is on her phone w you telling u she "didn't mean to and it won't happen again mommy." Hope the night doesn't stay this crazy"

Now if you don't think I won't spend the rest of that dog's life avoiding puppy kisses, you'd be crazy. Weirdo.  Gross.

Happy Weekend Everyone!