Weekend Update

What a weekend, folks! 
It was a whirl wind for sure! 

We had two of my family's Christmases. 

Here's my Brag About It for Monday! 

One featured a dessert contest and your's truly took home 2nd prize for her pecan pie! 
I can't take too much credit, it all must got to my domestic goddess, 
The Pioneer Woman.
I swear, she's made of pure goodness, sugar and probably some crack too, because every recipe she has turns to gold! 

Click on the picture to see the recipe. You can thank me later.

Honorary mention goes to Big R, who didn't win the contest but made up his own dessert, which was pretty awesome! It was a yellow cake mix poke cake, with sweet condensed milk and creme de coconut and then layers of whipped cream, topped with heath bars, chocolate and caramel!! 
I voted for him! :)

We also have a "As Seen On TV" Gift Exchange, where we both scored some pretty awesome gifts.
Product Image
AS SEEN ON TV! Olde Brooklyn Lantern

Don't be too jealous :)

On Sunday, we headed over to a riverboat hotel for lunch with my mom's dad's side of the family.
30 adults and 10 kids.
No big thing.
But really, that's a lot of people! 

After lunch we headed to my grandpa's house for dessert and gifts.
I pulled out another Pioneer Woman Recipe here too: 
I die. 


We had another Chinese gift exchange there and I got lucky and took home this cute cookie jar from Pier One. I knew it was my sis's gift so I picked it. Her taste is pretty good so I knew I would get something great! 

We were all SO TIRED from the weekend, but it actually was nice to be welcomed by the quiet of my office this morning. 

This was a weird weekend for me because my Kindle Fire broke and I didn't make it to the library and had NOTHING to read all weekend. It was wierd, I felt like I was missing an arm, I kept reaching for my book! Hopefully my replacement Kindle arrives shortly or I may go through withdraws.

On another note, 
Tomorrow will be silent over here in recognition of 
those who lost their lives in the horrible events at Sandy Hook Elementary last week.

There are no words, pictures, news articles or blog link ups that could do any justice to those children and teachers who died and I won't even attempt it. 
Just know that every bit of good you do, every tiny hug you give your children  and every act of kindness 
 effects someone.
And bringing love into a heart that doesn't have love there already 
is the only priceless gift worth giving.