6 Word Memoirs & Dirty Lil Secrets

You may have heard that I love to read. 
I love to read so much that I'll read just about anything. It doesn't even have to be a story. A couple sentences will do.

I am a sucker for those little miniature books filled with sayings. They're quick reading and always inspire me to do a little writing of my own.

And another bonus? They are usually in the form of miniature books and this time of year, you know what that means: Stocking stuffers!

And one of my favorites is Six Word Memoirs. 

This one in particular: 

It truly is amazing what you can say in just six words.

"She knows what my kryptonite is."
"Hearts never look both ways first."

"Loved, lost. Loved again, worth it."

"Love plus laughter, happily ever after"

And it's amazing how six little words can make you laugh...

"Don't trust a man who waxes"

"Want to return mail order bride."

"Tried men. Tried women. Like cats."

See what I mean? Who knew entire stories could be told in less than ten words. 
The Smith website offers other books based on the six  word memoirs, including topics like kids and work. Another great feature about their website is that you can create a profile and submit your own memoirs!

Here's another miniature book I love:   

 Moms, you know we have dirty little secrets and the ones in this book are priceless. I think this book would be a great stocking stuffer for your fellow mom because it blows the lid off the stigma that us moms have to go with the flow and always have perfect cupcakes for our kids and always think our kids drawings on our walls are "cute."

Here are some of my favorite "dirty little secrets" by Otherwise Perfect Moms: 

"I had to use my toddler's potty chair on the side of the road when I was stuck in traffic. I just couldn't hold it."

"Before my husband gets home, I spray Lysol by the door."

"My one regret in motherhood is that I can't slap people."

"We were in the grocery store and when we hit the wine isle, she screamed, "That's mommy's juice!"

"I get annoyed when my kids pick their noses. But I do it too."

"We forgot to buckle our two-year-old up in the car and when we went around a corner, he flew to the next seat and yelled "f**kers!"

You're laughing, right? Told ya!

Anyway, that's really all I have for you, I just wanted to share these two little books that I love having around. Now I write six word memoirs in my head all the time, just for fun or secretly admitting obscene thoughts about motherhood in my head... it's therapeutic! 

What's your six word memoir?