5 year old boy probs

Sometimes, a mother just needs to vent. 

My  5 year old is on the verge of driving me crazy.

See, he's got a bit of an "aggressive" problem.

He wrestles, fights, shoots Nerf guns with his dad pretty much every day. 
I didn't grow up with brothers, but Big R, who has 3, assured me this is just was boys DO.

Until I had a friend who insisted that she did not want her son thrown up in the air and caught as a baby, wrestled with, rough housed or to play with guns. She said it would encourage aggressive behavior in her son.

And at the time, when both our boys were little, I thought it was a little extreme. And I knew it was something I probably wouldn't practice with my kids.

But now I think she's probably laughing all the way to bank.

Because guess whose kid is getting in trouble for rough housing and aggressive behavior in pre school.

My Kid.

Am I to blame? Is Big R? Are the cartoons to blame?  Teenage Mutant Turtles? Nerf guns? 

The truth is, I don't have an answer. 
But the parent of the kid who Ryder was aggressive towards a couple of months ago seems to think that his "disturbing" behavior" (her own words) need to be addressed and the fact that he may need "professional help" (again, her words)  needs to be acknowledged.

That really stuck with me. I replay the harsh words in her email that she sent over and over. They haunt me. They intensify the doubt I already have about not being a good enough mom.

Why do mothers do that to eachother? We are all on the same team here! Let's HELP each other! 

Over time I have realized that the solution to Ryder's behavior is not obtainable over night. It's a learn as we go thing. We talk to him all the time about appropriate behavior, including the fact that the only person it is okay to rough house with is his dad at home and it is never okay to touch another person at school. He's enrolling in Youth Wrestling. He loses his favorite privileges whenever a report comes home from school that he has misbehaved. 

Have you experienced dealing with aggressive behavior with your son? 
Is there a perfect solution? Probably not, but   I know eventually I will feel better about it. He'll grow up, he'll learn. 

And if ever he's on the receiving end of aggressive behavior,  I will make sure the mother of that child doesn't feel bad, and assure it that's normal. And let's face it, that R1 probably deserved whatever he had coming for him. :)