Thank you to Harvesting Kate and Ot & Et for great topics this week!

LOVING: All the exciting things happening in the blogosphere lately. For example: 
  • THIS - A place where Big and Little Blogs can team up and learn/ teach new things? Yes, please! Go check it out!

  • From California To Kansas
  • THIS:  Taylor from The Daily Tay has created TheBrowseBlog: A place to browse great post, categorized and ready for your reading pleasure! She also has great ways to get your blog out there and a place to post your give a ways for everyone to see!
    The Browse
  • And lastly, amazing give a ways galore. Samantha at Hooah & Hiccups and a ton of us are giving away a Keurig tomorrow, plus I am helping Erin at Newly Moments give a way a KitchenAid Mixer for Valentine's AND Mallory from From California to Kansas and I are celebrating our birthdays and Vday together by giving away a necklace! (I'll give you a couple of hints: Breakfast & Teal) :) 

WISHING: For more time. More time to sleep, more time to work out, more time to read, more time to play with my kids, more time to cook, more time to chill...oh, and a DVR. I really wish I had a DVR. 

CRAVING: Chocolate. Since working on my weight, I've given up all the sweets I used to enjoy, especially the little miniature candy bars a lady at work keeps in a bowl. She's just across the hall. I crave them and then remind myself about all of the reason I want to lose weight and am usually able to chill the craving...but it's not easy.

MISSING: Fall. Bring back my sunny days that are still cool enough for just a sweatshirt. Bring back the beautiful colors in the leaves. Bring back the caramel mocha at McD's. 

WORRYING: About weight. Same story, different day.  I did get to work out every day last week, which makes me feel a little better because I have had to miss two days this week.