Everything but the Kitchen Sink

So here's something weird. 
My husband has been doing more reading than I have these days.
Not fair.
He's nose deep in the Divergent series. It must be good because there's even football on the tv and he hasn't even looked up once. Which is fine with me because I am about to switch it to Nashville reruns. 

Next Wednesday, I hope he's still reading, because this gal is going to be hogging the TV the most. 

Speaking of TV I shameless watch, What are your thoughts on the Bachelor? I didn't watch his season, so I don't know whether he's worth watching or not. Give me a thumbs up or down if he's worth watching. 

Girls got her priorities straight, mmkay? 

After the excitement of thinking about all the great things I am going to accomplish in 2013, now I feel like I have nothing to write about! 

In exciting news, I get to have a girl's night with my two best friends from back in the day. If you know a little about me, you know that I don't get out much, so to say that this event is marked on my calendar with a bunch of stars and flowers around it is an understatement. I've even started thinking about what I am going to wear! And I don't even know where we are going, but all I have to know is that I am going somewhere outside the state limits and eating somewhere other than a local Chinese buffet. Be still my heart. I emailed my friend and told her to pick a place to eat and then bring on the PJs and girl talk. That's my dream girl date: get all fancied up for a nice dinner, then end the night cuddled on a comfy couch, reliving the old days. One friend is planning a July wedding, so I can't wait to talk about her plans! 

The weekend after that,  Big R is leaving for an overnight camping trip. These means a couple of things: 1) The kids and I will eat picnic style in the living room and b) I prepare for the man flu to settle in once he gets back. Who goes camping in a shack in the middle of January, anyway?

Man Flu Per UrbanDictionary.com: 

A rare strain of flu so powerful and so deadly it can only be matched by the Bubonic Plague and Aids. A incurable virus which has adapted to only effect the "XY" gene found in men. The virus attacks the immune system 10,000 times harder than the average flu virus, causing excruciating pain for the victim. Man Flu has no cure and prayers can save the forsaken life of the infected. The often deadly virus is mostly laughed at by women who sadly cannot contract "Man Flu"

As for January on this here blog, I am planning to have an online 31 gifts party soon for my mom, who sells more bags than Kate Spade with this company!
 (photo from ThirtyoneGifts.com)
Hostess Exclusives

 So keep your eyes peeled for that, plus, my BBFF Mallory @ From Cali to Kansas and I are planning AN AMAZING give a way to celebrate our birthdays on Feb. 13  & 14. (Yes, fate led us together and so it can't be just a co-winky-dink that we're practically birthday twins) and trust me, you won't want to miss it! 

So somewhere along in there, I hope to start my goal to read over 30 books this year! I did it without trying in 2012, so I want to keep the tradition going! Have you set your goal yet? 

I am still reading Outlander, which is moving pretty slowly. So whenever I get bored, I am reading the very fast paced This is How You Lose Her, which should come with a Spanish Slang Dictionary, because I am pretty sure I am missing some good one liners due to the language barrier, but I am still getting the nitty gritty details. This book is raunchy to the max but there's culture and characters I've never read about so I have been intrigued through out the whole book. 

Oh, AND I started on the old treadmill today. It's been a while and it felt really great to be back at it.  Let's hope I stick with it and it becomes a habit! 

Oh wait, one more thing. I was thinking of making some no-sew curtains for the kids' rooms that we just switched around. Any tips or tutorials out there you can share with me? I have ZERO experience in the fabric/curtain department, so any tips help! 

So that's that for my random thoughts tonight. Hope you don't mind I just brought everything but the kitchen sink into one blog post.