My 31 Gifts Online Party!

You want to know something exciting? 
I'm about to make your day.
I know, I know, you're welcome. But you really don't need to thank me. 

Chances are, you've heard of 31 Gifts.
It's a great company with the most amazing bags, purses, stationary, organizational totes and much more.

Lucky for me, my mom is an independent consultant so I have a lot of of bags.
And lucky for YOU, I am hosting an online party! 

This is the new Spring Catalog that just came on Jan. 4. 
See everything on that front page?
For every  $31.00 you spend,  you can get any item on the front cover 50% off! 

So, check out their online catalog and you can order through my online party by clicking this link: 

 Once you are there, click on "My Parties" and then, "Shop Now" under "That's What She Read" 

And because my mom loves me and my blog (so there for, she loves you!)

She's giving away a couple great prizes! 

Everyone who places an order will be entered to win this Tote a Tablet carrying case. It's perfect for any tablet, including an Ipad! (The winner will get to chose their choice of pattern!)

Plus, EVERY PERSON who books an online party of their own will win this awesome Fold N File in their choice of pattern. My sister has one of these and it is so nice! It's perfect for hanging file folders but can be used for just about anything! 

Online parties are ridiculously easy! My mom will set up an online party in your name, and your friends and family just have to shop from there and you get all the credit! In January, the perks of being a hostess are endless.  Hostesses with over $500 in sales get Double the points, which means several 1/2 price items and FREE STUFF! 

Here are some of my favorites prints and products from the new line: 
The Thermal Lunch Tote

The Cinch backpack. My mom got these for her grandkids last Christmas with their names on them. We use them all the time! 

Phone Case Wristlet (in my FAVORITE print!)

Large Utility Tote. I have 2 of these and they are so versatile. I use it for taking food to people's houses, as an overnight bag and much more. They also have lids! 

The Mini Tote caddy. I have used these as gift bags and have a couple on my craft desk! 

I don't have this purse, but it looks so cute!! 

So get to shopping!
I can't wait to see what you pick out! Have fun! 

Any one who tweets about my online party will get entered to win 1 of 3 prizes: 
A Thermal Zipper Tote (it holds 8 bottles of wine!!)
A Hardcase Wallet 
A thermal Lunch Tote

All you have to do is tweet about it and leave a link to the tweet in the comments below!! 

If you have any questions about an order, just give me a shout at 
jenniferjherron @ gmail . com