Pit & Peak Link Up

Happy Friday! 

Today I am excited to link up with Allie and Brin for their brand new "Pit & Peak" link up where you get to list your high and low of the week. I think it's a great idea. I've actually used this prompt at the dinner table to get the family talking! 


For the Pit of the Week, I would have to say it was feeling down about R1's behavior at school, which I posted about yesterday. But thanks to ALL OF YOU, I had alot of great encouragement and advice. I realized the situation was pretty normal! 

Last night, Big R, R1 and I sat down and colored at the dining room table. I started talking to R1 about how when I get angry, I yell and that's not okay and that I am going to work on how I react when I am mad. We then talked to him about when it's okay to rough house and what he should do if he feels angry. When we asked R1 why he pulled his friend's hair or felt like being physical with another kid, he said he did it because he thought it would be funny. So then we brainstormed ways R1 could still make his friends laugh but not rough house. I also reminded him of a time when one of his cousins accidentally hit him in the cheek when they were playing and how that hurt him and told him that's how his friends feel when he is rough with them, which seemed to really make sense to him.
After the talk, I asked R1 what were the top 3 things he learned and this is what he listed: 

  1. To not be physical with my friends. 
  2. It is okay to rough house at home with dad 
  3. If I think it would be funny to be physical, "knock it out of my head" and tell a joke or make a funny face instead
I was proud of him and hope our talk helps!

My Peak this week is definitely staying on track with my diet and exercise. This week, I have walked at minimum, a half hour or more on the treadmill after work every day. I have also stayed away from snacking or sweets at work and have really watched my portion sizes at dinner. I've also been drinking more water! I know it's probably too soon to tell a difference, but just making those changes made me feel better about myself! 

What's your Pit & Peak? Go link up!