Shed new light on an old lampshade

So there was this once upon a time,
A time where my house was boring

There was nothing personal about the decor, nothing original what hung on the walls, no pops of color, and nothing that would distinguish my house from anyone else's.

And then I discovered Pinterest.  Pinterest has finally inspired the ideas and wishes that were already in my head, but I was just not motivated or creative enough to execute them all on my own. Can I get credit for recognizing cute things, even though I had nothing to do with creating them ? 

I am so excited to share this Pinterest project because I feel more comfortable knowing my bedroom has a little bit more of a personal touch. It means something now. 

Last February we redid our bedroom. I had some mixed inspirations for it and and ended up buying a random, see through green lamp for my bedside table. I have no idea what I was thinking. The rest of the room is grey and yellow so don't ask me where the green came in. So what did I do? I lived with the ugly green lamp for a year. Because that's how I roll.  Until today. BOOM. 

Without further ado, here's how looking at other people's cool shit inspired me to make a crappy lamp just a bit cooler and way more "me." 


WARNING: Do not use regular Krylon Inside/Outside spray paint. Or it will look like this. 
Stay away from this little guy:

And get these two cans: 

The Rust-Oleum primer was a life safer and went on so smooth! 

Wait a couple hours, then spray over the primer with whatever Rust-Oleum Top Coat color you desire.  I chose the yellow because it went with the rest of the accents in the room, but I was tempted by a couple of the textured browns and tans too. I made a mental note to think of a project I could use those on! 

Next Step: 

Find your favorite quotes on Pinterest. Get a Sharpie. I used a fine point. Then I just wrote until I filled up the shade! 

Then pop that shade on top! 

I just love the whole new look of the lamp. It's personal, it matches and I made it! (well, I made it better, anyway!)