We love Hedbanz!

I just had to share this awesome game our family has been enjoying over the holidays! 

Have you heard of it or played it yet? The game in the picture is the kids' version. We played the adult version at both my family's house and my in laws and it was hit everywhere! We picked up the kids' version last weekend and broke it out tonight with the kids. It says ages 7 and up, but R1 really like it! We had to prompt him with what types of questions to ask but for the most part he got the hang of it and guessed his card a lot! 

The gist is that you can't see the card on your headband and you can only ask yes or no questions and the other players can only answer with "yes, no, could be or I don't know". There is a one minute timer and you ask people around the table until you guess your card or your time runs up.

R1 thought really hard about a big animal with fur who lives in the desert...

Me and R2, who promised not to tell us what our cards were. She mostly just played with the discard pile while we played! 

R2 asking if she was a food. (Her card was a spoon!)

Big R and R1 thinking really hard. Haha they look so serious! I thought R1 was doing so great, but then caught his dad giving him hints!! 

The adult version is pretty hard, actually. Over Christmas, it look Big R probably 3 or 4 turns to guess Martini and I was stuck trying to guess pencil FOR-EV-VER!  It has famous people, household objects, famous places and cities and animals, too so the possibilities are endless. The kids version mostly has food and animals so it's easy for young kids.

Just wanted to share this awesome game that I thought was so versatile because every one from our 5 year old to my 63 year old father in law enjoyed it!