Why the MAN FLU really "is worse"

Lately, I have been loving this link up:


Last night I sat down and wrote the post I am about to share and then remembered that I usually link up for the Pit and the Peak. And then I thought, well this whole post is basically a "PIT" so we are  just going to go with it! 

My Peak? That the FLU in this house is officially OVER, thank the Lord.
Knock on wood, I never got it, but the kids and hubs have paid their dues to the flu gods and we can get on with our lives. 


After a full week of being completely incapacitated,  my husband is finally loose from the grips of the MAN FLU. 

My patience got up and walked out on day 3. Like literally, I've been sleeping in the living room. I can't deal. Poor guy, I really did feel bad for him. We all know the flu sucks. You ache, you shiver, you spike high fevers. But this MAN FLU took things to a whole new level. And that's why I've decided to vent about it in a blog post because it's cheaper than therapy which is what I really need after this week. 

So here's my take: 5 Reasons why the MAN FLU is worse that regular flu (or so we've heard)

1.) Every one gets the flu at some point in time. But only men get the MAN FLU so only they actually know how bad it is. (Or in this case, how bad it's actually NOT.) And they keep that non-severity a secret and convince everyone else that they are going to die.

2. There is medicine for the flu (Hey, Tamiflu, you da bomb) but there is no medicine that can mute the whining, crying and over exaggerating that comes out of men' mouths.

3. When a woman gets the flu, she says things like:
"It's okay, I could use a day off work to catch up on my soaps."
"I think I'll sort through the miss matched socks while I lounge on the couch"
"Well that wasn't a very lady like sneeze!"
"These lotion packed Kleenex are amazing!"
" I'm a little flushed but it looks like blush, how cute!"

And when a man gets the Man Flu, he says things like this: 

"Can you please feed me like a baby bird? I can't get off the couch."
"I can't find the remote. I really don't need this on my plate right now."
"I think I see a white light in the distance."
"I can't believe this is really it for me. I had so many things I wanted to accomplish."
"Women are just lucky they just don't get this sick"
"I am sicker than you. We have different flus." (From California to Kansas' Hubs)
"I just can't take this life." (Simply Ashley's Hubs)

4. With the regular flu, you are perfectly capable of walking across the room. The man flu, apparently, weakens the muscles to the point where its victim can't get off the sick couch.

Man Flu.....truth!

5.  The flu for women usually means daytime t.v., Kleenex and a sloppy pony tail. With the man flu, you have to look at the sick suit all week. What's a suit sick you may ask? Apparently, it's the outfit of choice for men who just can't deal: black sweatpants, black hoodie, black stocking cap, and a look on their face like someone has kicked their balls, killed their dog and blew a concoction of bird flu, swine flu and ebola up their nose.

I am writing this now that the man flu is over and I can look back on it and laugh. The week it was happening? Not so funny. 

In short? Men are BABIES.