Book Round Up: Mom Edition

For this week's edition of Book Round Up, I wanted to share some things with you that aren't up and coming reads. One is a blog I read almost daily for encouragement and another is a book I received as a birthday present. It's not new, but it's so beautiful that I wanted to share it will you.

You may have heard of it: 


One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.
Voskamp has a blog at

Because, sometimes, you just need a little encouragement. 
As a mom, I need ALOT of encouragement.
And there's just something about reading a calming, graceful tale about living with intent, engaging in life with gratitude, respect and selflessness. 

Her book is some parts a devotional, some parts a story about losing her sister in an accident at a young age and other parts helping the reader find joy in the midst of our daily lives.

I think reading these books, these blogs and these words help remind me that I am human, that I have somewhat normal thoughts as a mother, wife, daughter, worker, and a list of other hats I wear. 
I am frazzled, forgetful, hurried, inconsiderate and unkept.
I am a sinner, I am anxiety ridden, I am selfish.

But pushing against those shortcomings, I am also a woman 
who feels ill equipment but at the same time, 
I want to do it all so bad. I am TRYING when I color endless pages with them, when I help them write thank you cards, when I read to them, when I shamelessly sing in the car to Disney Princesses, when I build Lego  cars on the floor, when I let them have fruit roll ups at 9:00 a.m. just because.

I want to be a mom my kids remember fondly as an adult. I want to give them memories and traditions. I want to remember their school parties and I want to throw them memorable birthdays. I want spontaneous trips and I want to turn simple things like the car wash into an adventure.

Sometimes I need a little reminder not to focus on the grime on the refrigerator door handle and instead be thankful that fridge is full of food for my family. I need to remember to breathe and take advantage of the fact that my kids love me with such a fierce unconditional fervor that they have no idea, nor do they care, about the million, tiny little failures I collect in a day. All that matters to them are the hugs, kisses, stories, and coloring pages we'll do together that night. 

Ann's writing reminds me alot of Rachel Martin's Finding Joy Blog.
Rachel writes letters to directly to me. 
Okay not directly to me, but it sure seems like it. 
She writes the most encouraging letters to moms like me who sometimes feels she's struggling, not doing enough, not being present or being too hard on herself. 

Check out:

Because sometimes you just need a deep breath of fresh air right?
If you need a deep breath, a hand on your shoulder, a nod of understanding, 
I encourage you to read these blogs.
And you know what else is helpful?


Quotes on Pinterest, or poems like The StoryPeople by Brian Andreas. 
And of course, reaching out to others.

 (Want to vent, need to talk? Type it out, get it off your chest and send me an email! I'd be happy to co-miserate and encourage you!Because sometimes all we need is a friend) 

Because there's nothing more relieving than  realizing you're not alone.