Couple O Recipes

I posted a picture of this bread I made yesterday and thought it was only fair to pass on the recipe to you! 
It's a fast rising dough, so it tastes pretty yeasty and works great for a dinner bread. It reminds me of the dinner rolls they always served for sandwiches at my church's potlucks.

Before I start with the directions, I have tell you this. Since this was my first attempt at making home made bread (besides dessert types) I really didn't have a lot of experience with kneading the dough. I kind of just dove in, imitating what I had seen on the Food Network. Obviously, it must have looked funny because pretty soon I hear breathing down my neck and turn to see the hubs looking at my kneading job with suspicion.  Something about my technique was off, he said. He had seen some French chef do what I was doing in order to make flaky pastries or something and was worried I was going to create layers of dough like a crescent roll. 
Yes, because I secretly harbor the talents of culinary's finest pastry chefs.
What followed was a lengthy discussion on the art of kneading. 
So I did what every person does when someone is trying to prove them wrong. 
I YouTubed that shit: 

And I am pretty sure I did exactly like I was supposed to. And I think the hubs  agreed because he let me get back to my bread making extravaganza without any more tips. Either that or he knew better and just left me alone. 
So here's what you do: 

Sweet Dinner Bread: 

2 cups warm water
2 tablespoons active dry yeast
1/4 cup oil
1/3 cup honey
1/4 cup sugar 
2 teaspoons salt
1 egg
5 cups all-purpose flour

1.Combine warm water, sugar, yeast, oil and honey in a large bowl, let sit for 5 minutes then add the salt and egg. Stir all together.

2. Add the flour one cup at a time, stirring together after each cup. Around the 4th cup your dough will begin to come together pulling away from the sides of the bowl and forming a ball.

3. Empty the dough onto a clean, floured surface and begin kneading the dough adding a little more flour as it becomes sticky. It should be slightly sticky. Knead for 3-5 minutes until smooth. 
4. Set aside to rise until double. I had no idea how to gage this so I stacked a couple bags of chocolate chips next to the loaves for comparison. 
5. Divide dough into 2 loaves. Put in a greased loaf pan.
6. Preheat oven to 375°F
7. Set aside to rise until almost double once more.
8. Bake loaves for 25-30 minutes. They should be golden brown on top and bottom when done.

One more bread recipe that never fails to impress and it's so ridiculously easy I can recite it here without consulting my notes:

Beer Bread:

3 cups self rising flour
1/3 cup sugar
1 teaspoon kosher salt
12 oz can of beer (We used Busch Light)
Butter to top it off 

Mix it up, pour it into a greased loaf pan and bake at 375 for 50 to 55 minutes.

You can also mix in some garlic, cheddar, or herbs for twists. Honey with a Boulevard Wheat would be amazing also! 

I love this recipe because it's made with stuff we ALWAYS have on hand! 

We love to make this, tear it up into bite size chunks and served it with a dip made from Hidden Valley Fiesta Ranch dry dip mix and a 16 oz. sour cream. DELISH! 


And now for a recipe for my go to dish:  

Italian Oven Potatoes

Now, I need to put a couple disclaimers/corrections with this collage if it is going to go along with this recipe.

First, Busch Light is not actually an ingredient. HOWEVER, it does a great job of calming your nerves and enducing feel good vibes as you prepare the potatoes. 

Second, in the first picture, where I attempted to give a visualization of the ingredients, you may notice Chopped Onions in the back ground. That should in fact be Parmesan cheese. Once I thought about it, it really is an honest mistake, because I am pretty sure the two come in the exact same container. Also, chopped onion might not be a bad idea to add to this recipe, so I could just claim I meant to include them on purpose. But that's not as funny. So, you can add whichever, or both, if you desire! 

So you need: 
A packet of dry italian dressing mix
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (probably 1/3 cup or so)
Some Garlic
Some Minced Onion
Parmesan Cheese
4 to 5 russet potatoes, roughly cubed
(I've also done this with new potatoes and was delish, just didn't need to cook them as long) 

And whatever else you have in the cupboard that sounds good! 

I mix all the ingredients except the potatoes together in a bowl. Then I roughly cut the potatoes into cube like shapes. I put those in a greased 9x13 pan and pour the mixture over the potatoes and stir it until the tators are covered. 

Side Note: As I was rummaging through my cupboards, I found this: 

Kraft Parmesan Seasoning Blends. It's technically for pork chops, I think but when I saw it, I thought, eh, what the hay and threw it in the mix as well. Worked out well! 

I cook the potatoes at about 400 degrees for at least 30 minutes. We like ours potatoes pretty well done around here! 

Hope you enjoy and if you have bread recipes,  or your own versions of any of these recipes, let me know, I want to know about them!